Kaian Interior Design is a leading firm of interior design based in Dubai since 2008 with large portfolio of successful projects throughout United Arab Emirates. We are specialises in delivering creative and innovative design solutions, fit-out & refurbishment  for a wide range of Commercial / Retail / Residential projects. Our experience, analytical approach and passion for creativity gives us the skills to meet your needs and those of your end users. Our aim is to achieve / exceed our client's expectations within the latest market elements

home styling


There is no place like home. This is a place that you feel the comfort and security. This is a place that you forget the tensions of the outside world. This is a place that it should be the most relaxing and reflective place of your personal taste and style. This is your private space. This is your home and living room interior design is it’s heart.

Kaian Interiors makes your home a place for your family and friends to sit, visit, relax, and enjoy. When we give you different Interior Design Ideas for your home, solutions may seem simple, but it’s the furniture and attention to details that makes your home both functional and cozy.

Office Styling


The office where you spend your time is the most important part of your working days. So, it should be carefully and functionally designed. The office interior design should not be confusing. The look and the feel of the office should be a factor in making new clients in your business. While you are working in a commercial environment, the office interior design is an important way to feel like home.

We provide to our clients complete professional office interior design facilities and services. These will include reception and secretarial services, conference room facilities, office accessories and furniture. Moreover, we will guide you to choose right materials and color schemes for walls, ceilings, flooring, lighting, and curtains. We help you to create the best working environment designed to fit your personal and professional needs.

Kaian Interiors will provide efficient and comfortable workstations, desks and chairs for your staff and visitors.

Restaurants and retail shops interior design

Restaurants and retail shops

How do we choose were to have dinner, does the interior design count on your decision or is that based only on the quality of the meal? In our opinion we think both are important because you can’t eat something tasty in a restaurant with old and rudimentary interior design.

The coffee shop interior design is a little bit different from restaurants because here you can lounge with your friends and the most often activity is drinking a coffee or tea, while the restaurants are dedicated to eating.

The interior design of these two public spaces is differentiated mostly through furniture.